Patenting of inventions in Ukraine

On 15.12.1993 Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Rights to Inventions and Utility Models” was adopted.

All the relations which arise in connection with the acquisition and use of property rights on inventions (utility models) in Ukraine, is governed by this law.

Particular attention when applying for patents of invention (utility model) should be given to the validity of the application documents. Each inventor must know the terms of the patent. Since the inventions have patent period – 20 years, and a utility model – 10 years from the date of filing.

The main purpose of the procedure of patenting an invention is to obtain a patent, which protects intellectual property rights of the author of the invention. After completing all formalities author receives patent for an invention (utility model), which certifies the ownership, priority, and the right of authorship of the person who created the invention.

The object of the invention (utility model) may be:

  • product (namely: the substance, device, cell culture of plants and animals, etc.);
  • process;
  • use of previously known product or process for another purpose.

Firm “Krylova & Partners” has the ability to perform all work in the area of patenting of inventions:

  • filing and registration of application documents in accordance with the rules of drafting patent applications for invention (utility model);
  • legal support of an application while passing expertise in the Patent Office;
  • receiving a patent for an invention (utility model) and keeping it valid;
  • preparation and registration of license agreements, agreements on transfer of rights, know-how;
  • patenting of inventions abroad.

Patent Attorneys “Krylova & Partners” guarantee our clients excellence in the performance of all work related to the patenting of inventions.

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