Economic agreements and their maintenance

Active economic activity suggests the conclusion of various contracts. The most common contracts are contract for services, leases, supplies, transportation, commissions, an agreement on joint activity.

There are fairly standard contracts and agreements that the parties use to resolve their relationships. However, as evidenced by the practice, such standard contracts do not always cover all necessary aspects of the legal relations, do not always clearly define the scope of the rights and obligations of the parties. Because of this cases of termination of contracts, failure or improper fulfillment of obligations, etc. are considered in the courts for years.

That is why it is very important when entering into contracts to take into account the specifics of the parties and their real possibilities. The contract should always clearly define the rights and obligations of the parties, payment arrangements, the responsibility of the parties and termination conditions. These moments are, perhaps, the most important in establishing business relations and signing contracts.

Also, nowadays the conclusion of license agreements on intellectual property is very widespread. Many popular marks for goods and services, economically profitable inventions, works of art, industrial designs and, therefore, people who would like to use them, appeared on the Ukrainian market. Correct licensing agreement – is a security of civilized relations of economic agents.

The license agreement should clearly define the boundaries of intellectual property object, protect the owner of such objects from the violation of his exclusive right. A license agreement must contain a condition that the quality of goods and services produced or provided under a license agreement, will not be lower than the quality of goods and services of the owner of the certificate.

If you want your rights and interests to be well protected, and all points in the contract that are important for you to be properly displayed, when signing the contract, seek advice from our experts. We can definitely help you.

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